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Count on Us - You Won't, be Disappointed
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SMALLTOWN FLOORS really is different. Because WE CARE!

SMALLTOWN FLOORS isn't just my Career, SMALLTOWN FLOORS is my way of life - and this will come through in our dealings together...

My name is Olin Cardenas. I have developed and evolved this FLOORING company since I was 19 years old!

I am not only trying to build a stronger company, I have strived to build a high quality brand, through high ratio referral work as a result of a great REPUTATION - and I have, as I have endured eight years of self-employment through strong and unstable markets. Along the way I have developed great references from retailers, contractors, and home owners alike!

Ultimately, flooring is not about price or timing. Flooring is a SERVICE about selling a good quality product, that will look beautiful and last a long time, leaving you a lasting feeling of SATISFACTION.


You will leave with a positive experience, and apart from knowing that your floor was installed well, you will see that we took every effort to make your installation as comfortable, clean, and quick as possible - WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!