Thank you so very much!

I wanted to take the time to let everyone who has supported CMO Flooring through the years know, how truly and very grateful I am.


I have devoted my self to this business. It has been both very challenging and rewarding. In the end, I have been very proud to have both gone through the experience of developing a small business, while very proudly serving my community with the best of my efforts.

Ultimately, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the flooring industry - namely the unconventional nature of the skilled trade it-self, in terms of a lack of training and universal standards, as well as the lack of a regulatory body to both create and sustain policy on business etiquette, conflict resolution, warranty, and material quality.

This sentiment has coincided with a surprising and resent discovery that installation has taken a toll on my physical health. The nature of this business is very demanding cognitively, however it is also very heavy on the body.

Last year my partner and I took on several risks in an attempt to grow the business. Unfortunately we did not prosper as we would have anticipated. Due to the unfolding of all of these circumstances, I have made a difficult decision to pursue other career objectives.

I plan to return to school and further a career in politics. I am quite interested in labor law and policy.

CMO Flooring will continue to operate under "Kingsway Interiors," in the same "CMO" spirit of honesty, integrity, and old-fashioned hard work - that is a promise!

Thank you so very kindly everyone, for all of your support through the years!