Installing Durable Engineered Hardwood Floors to Ensure a Long-Lasting Service

If you want to provide your house with elegant looking interior, you should go for engineered hardwood floors. The Appalachian engineered hardwood not only adds style
but also offers a classic appeal for which numerous people choose it for their houses. You can pick several modern design-oriented colors that we are offering here.

Yes, you can install it over concrete:

It is a great decision if you are planning to spread concrete at the base of the floor. We can help you in installing engineered flooring above the concrete slab. The engineered hardwood is designed to resist humidity and absorb moisture. Therefore, it can glue to concrete base and remain firm for a long time.

We choose the best installation method for a durable work:

When it comes to installing Engineered Flooring White Rock Vancouver, we choose a method that can offer the most durable solution. Our flooring team assesses the whole property and the base in order to pick a flooring technique that can offer the most durable solutions.

Small Town Floors is committed to deliver exceptional support. Our team discusses your flooring needs and suggests the best flooring material that not only make your interior look charming but also functional when it comes to durability and performance. 


We specialized in Appalachian Engineered Hardwood Flooring in all of their collections available in Vancouver including: Alta Moda, Era Design, Signature, Special FX and Villa Europa.